Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

5-years-old and 2 teeth are gonie. Fairly impressive. Here is the sequence of events:

Daddy checking the readiness of the tooth.

Daddy letting Trysten wiggle a bit more before the actual pulling.

And voila! That is one large hole in my baby's mouth.

Another process I worked on today. Tortellini. See, it's Zach's favorite and since I still felt bad about a real lack of celebration for his birthday, I did the process for him. I started it at 3 and finished it at 7. Also made from Alfredo sauce as well. Overall I must say it was worth it but I'll probably be buying the frozen kind for everyday purposes.


And after

And now taking requests...


Cindy said...

Hope the tooth fairy is loaded!! Not like the tooth fairy at our house that had to pay up in quarters dug out of the sofa ; )

ChiTown Girl said...

Tesi, I could NOT be more impressed! Homemade tortellini?! How did you find the time to do that, plus Alfredo sauce, all while taking care of three active children? Zach is one lucky man!!

Crazy mom said...

Tortellini? Now I am thoroughly impressed with your culinary skills!! And to think, I just get mine in the frozen food section. I am sure yours were MUCH better!