Sunday, September 28, 2008

And a Walk

We did more than work this weekend, we had some fun too!

Dailah slipped out of the house in her skivvies only and came back in with bug bites on almost every square inch of her body. A few of them she scratched so hard she bled.

On our walk down the Davenport bike path.

All my boys.

Doozie's favorite pasttime, pushing the stroller she's supposed to be in.

Dailah running from me when I told her she was going in "stroller time out". Nice.

Just hotflawedmama and her dogs.

Not a bad view.

The new (and slightly warmer) shoes than the crocs Dailah insists on wearing every moment of every day.

Look at these curtains my mom-in-law made! They are beeeautiful.

Don't you think this itty bitty window in Doozie's room is missing something? What do you think, Terre?

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps something green to match the frog head diaper holder??? Or perhaps RED as if there were any other color. I'm glad they are up! love you!!! themommyinlaw