Wednesday, September 03, 2008


About 17 years ago my brother, my mom and myself went out for some ice cream. My mom wanted us to share because (like now) I very rarely finish a whole ice cream blizzard myself. Well I wanted a Snickers blizzard and my brother wanted Cookies and Cream. My mom, knowing I love(d) any kind of ice cream "asked" me to consent. Well, I swore up and down that I HATED Cookies and Cream.

So my mom bought me a Snickers and my brother a Cookies and Cream. And we each ate half. And I hadn't eaten Cookies and Cream for 17 years because I wanted to prove that I didn't like it.

Until now. I just had a bowl and fell madly in love. So on my to do list for tomorrow: must call mom and apologize for the last 17 years of stubbornness. Only now do I realize $2 to her was 17 years of never really finding happiness for myself. :)

Zach and I had a 5 minute debate on which part is best...Cookies or Cream. I say cookies, he says the marinade of cookies in cream. The man is a genius. And so is whoever created cookies and cream.


Matthew and Amanda said...

17 years without Cookies and Cream?!?!?! Are you mad? It can only be described as heaven on a spoon. MMMMMMMM, delightful!


PS - Dang, now I'm hungry.

ChiTown Girl said...

Cookies and cream=heavenly deliciousness!!! I'm so happy that you rediscovered it, silly girl ;-)
You could really ease your guilt by giving your mom her $2 back. haha!