Monday, September 22, 2008

I Almost Punched Someone...

at Wal Mart. I seriously think this is God's way of reiterating why I should never go there.

Long story but the checkout lady was less than nice and, as I felt my face tighten and noticed myself breathing irregularly, I knew I (and by "I" I mean "she") was in trouble. So my sister was kind enough to distract my kids as I tried VERY hard not to junk punch the lady.

I didn't. But it did require a trip to customer service where, unfortunately for her, I found out I workout with the manager. I hope she now knows what it feels to be COMPLETELY disrespected. :) (Ok so not really but something like that).

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cathy said...

Going to Wal-Mart increases your chance of getting into an altercation by 73%. I cannot stand the place. However, I do wish you hadn't has someone be so mean to you. So sorry.