Sunday, November 09, 2008


You tired of the "Water for Christmas" posts yet? If you are...too bad. Slightly kidding.

Thought I'd post a few pictures of the kiddos and peeps to appease you crazies who haven't drank the WFC juice yet. :)

Happy Sunday. Thanks for reading. Thanks for loving me despite (or because of) my uncontrollable passions. These are a few of them.

The kids watching their mom/aunt dance on the TV and trying it themselves.

My "Abie baby" as we say. Isn't he beeeeautiful?

I forgot to tell you hotfawedmama (the blog) and (the person) got a new look. :)

This is just my entourage I run with...all the Klipschs and family who went to watch Andy play last night.

And the other Water for Christmas people who spoke to hearts last night. And moved people to donate a pretty good amount of money for the few hours we were there. It's catching. Like wildfire. Like wildfire that changes and saves lives. It's so rad.

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