Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Frank and Terre

38 years ago, Frank and I became husband and wife. Glory be to God, our lives have been blessed with freedom, love, and clean water, and food. We have suffered nothing compared to what the rest of the world suffers.

As a mother of 4, I cannot imagine how it feels to watch my babies drink filthy, contaminated water. Please donate now to Water for Christmas. Just $10 and 100% of your donation...100%......goes to developing wells and digging for fresh, clean, water for folks who need so much. Won't you please dig deep in your pockets so that wells can be dug deep to provide for others?

Shirley Chisholm, congresswoman in the US House, once said "Service is the rent you pay for room on this planet." Please help us serve others.

God bless you for your time, your efforts, and your donation.
Grace and peace, Frank and Terre


Anonymous said...

WOW! Tesi - powerful. This is a beautiful dancing 4 Water video that blesses in so many ways. -Rene

ChiTown Girl said...

Holy moly, I wasn't ready for that. I'm sitting here, sobbing, because it was so touching and beautiful. And, I especially love the babies' dub over for "38 years."