Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Kinda Sweet

To be an American at a time like this. I almost cried when I went to vote. To be able to vote with relatively little hassle is quite amazing. Especially after reading about places like Zimbabwe and the like...getting shot for voting for the wrong person, etc. It really makes you thankful we get a voice at all.

So I used mine. I brought my kids so they could see it all and take it all in. It was pretty awesome. Here are a few pics of that.

Me after I voted and received my free cup of Starbucks (picture taken by Trysten).

The kids before we went to vote. And apparently the bunny ears start happening at 5. Sweeeet.

Happy democracy!

1 comment:

Amy G said...

Wish we had a Starbucks in Muscatine. I still voted, though. :)