Monday, December 08, 2008

Celebrating Life

So these are my kids in action. They love, love, love to dance. I think all kids do. Dancing, like most things, is all about perspective. What I consider dancing may be barely moving to some and vice versa. What I love about it, though, is that whatever it is, it brings joy to the person doing it and typically the person watching it.

Kids, for me, are the greatest place to seek joy. Even when they let little things get them down, it's only a matter of minutes before it's forgotten and life takes over. I constantly seek to be more childlike in that way (among others).

The awesome part about having built 3 wells (total is over $16,000 now) for Water for Christmas is that we know some things have changed for the Liberians getting the wells in their communities.

We've saved lives. There will be less rape, less time away from family for children. More time for doing fun things.

Things like singing. And dancing.

So here are my kids, giving their best imitation of how they would feel after a refreshing glass of clean water. I think, with the possible exception of jumping off couches, they've gotten pretty close.

Thank you for caring. For not tuning out. For actively choosing a different way to look at the world. The choice you've made is more difficult. Ignorance is surely bliss, but the life you've CHOSE of your eyes being opened, will be rewarded here and in heaven.

To being more childlike!


Anonymous said...

Dailah has that "deep shoulder action" and she's just SO darn CUTE!
Congrats on the $14000???? Wow~! you are amazing!
love, tmom

Kay said...

Your kids are adorable. End of story.

Congrats on three wells!