Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I have this huge post with about 10 pictures saved on a flash drive of my friend Amanda's but she went to bed with her little guy and it's in there with her. :) So you're going to have to wait for that awesome post until tomorrowish. I apologize, because pictures are so much more fun than I am.
I just put Tariku down. He seems to turn to me when wanting to go to sleep. He cuddles up right in the nook of my shoulder and breaths in my neck deeply. It's cute, but hot here in Addis. I suffer through the sweating and let the little guy fall into a deep sleep before I shift ever so slightly.
I'm not going to ruin the post I worked so hard on but YES, we made it through our Embassy appointment so he is officially a Klipsch. Though the kid sweats when he sleeps, has stinky burps and feet, has a little table butt and sounds like he's going to have adnoid issues, did we have any doubts he was a Klipsch?
Let me just say this before I go join my two boys in our bed...at this point in our life together I would recommend older child adoption 100%. Even though he ran away from me at the hotel (he's fast!) and he gets delirious like his little sister when he's tired (can we say "how fast in Amharic can one guy talk?"), I would say go for it. I know there will undoubtedly be tough times ahead but I'm having so much fun with this guy!
All for now, I promise (Cassie) there will be pictures tomorrow; though I have no idea when as the government shuts the power off of parts of the city throughout the day to conserve. Mom, tell the kids we miss them so very much and can't wait until Friday to see them! Love to all!

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Cassie said...

finally! :)
i want more pics. can't they keep the power on for you post just ONE post?? geez! what's wrong with them??
so now that he's offically a klipsch, i bet you cannot wait to get home. we are so anxious to meet your precious "baby" boy!

Mama Sweet Pea said...

So glad it is continuing to go so well. Can't wait to see pics!

Chatter said...

It sounds like things are going great! You will be on your way home before you know it. Enjoy the rest of your trip :)
Thinking of all of you,

kait said...

so you know---
i check your blog, literally, 7-10 times a day. so cassie isnt the only one waiting for pictures.
also, today at the university i ran into a professor i had during january, but havent seen since. "felicitaciones en tu sobrino nuevo!" he told me, which means, 'congrats on your new nephew!"
i have no idea how he even knew. it could be that i tell everyone i meet and so one of the gringos that has him in class mentioned it or something. anyways, i'm spreading the word in south america.
and we decided that tarikus name is quite 'kickass' this morning. who in buffalo, ia is going to mess with a kid with those eyes and that name? no one.

Cindy said...

Sweet!!! Can't wait for pictures!!

Lynn said...

Thanks for being a great blogger. We are at the top of the waiting list and reading your blog obsessively helps ease the pain!!!

Cannot wait for pictures!