Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Honeymoon is Over

But I love it still...there were approximately 6 tantrums today each getting longer. I'm very glad I'm a veteran mother or I might turn and run but I distinctly remember what this is like and know it gets better. Plus, I know that all of this means that he knows we'll be around regardless. he doesn't just need to be cute and funny all the time, he can just be Tariku and we'll still love him. So, it sounds funny, but I'm glad we're at this stage in our relationship. I still get such a big kick out of the kid.
It was all Tariku all the time today. Side from the tantrums, we had an enjoyable day. He's starting to learn Zach and I have an amazing ability to hang out while he works things out so we'll win every time. Tariku still eats like it's going out of style and drinks enough to go pee every 10 or so minutes. No accidents yet so that's nice.
perhaps the biggest shock of the night came when we attempted a bath. The nannies told us he didn't care one way or another whether he had a bath but we witnessed something different altogether. HE HATES THEM WITH A HOT, HOT HATRED. He took one look at it and screamed and didn't stop until 40 minutes later. Not sure how that worked out but if the kid would learn to wipe better we wouldn't have had to run into it yet. :) Either way, not a big deal but perhaps a better heads up would've enabled me to strap on a bigger pair and prepare myself.
Anyway, loving this whole thing I'm not going to lie. Talked to the kids tonight and Tariku had a hoot of a time talking to his "cchee cchee" (TT) and Dailah as well as both grandmas. I'm sooo wanting to be home and have all three of my kiddos in my arms, I miss them so much! We leave in just 24 hours so that's very exciting.
Not sure if I'll get to post tomorrow or not but we'll post when we're at Minnesota as we have a 4 hour layover. So until then pray for our safe travels home! Love to all!

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Mama Sweet Pea said...

Sounds like you are still doing well. Maybe if he gets some of the tantrums out now the plane ride will be better!! Have a very safe flight back...I'll be thinking about you!

Crazy mom said...

I LOVE reading about your time in ET and Tariku (I miss being there myself!). Don't worry about the tantrums, they will quickly subside once you are at home! The plane ride home might be tough though (it was for us). Just get through it and you will be fine (get some injera from the cooks at the guesthouse before you leave - they will give you as much as you want for the plane ride).

So glad that all is going well!


Crazy mom said...
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Tarah said...

Oh Tessi,
What a joy life is. Hold on tight to Tariku through those hard moments and reassure him he is loved and for forever. Doesn't it remind you of our walk with Christ. We know he loves us enough that we throw huge fits and He just sits and holds us. :) What an amazing example you are.

TJRF said...

Four hour layover in Minneapolis??? It would be so cool to get to see you guys as you travel through. Give me a shout if you are looking to kill some time and would like a visitor to welcome you back to the states. I am very close and would certainly make time.

Super happy for you all,

Cindy said...

I just wanted to say that we were told Mihiret LOVED her baths...but she still screamed bloody murder when we did it at the guest house. Turns out we were not doing it to her specifications (she is an exacting mistress :))and she has loved every bath she has received since us getting home and doing them correctly ;).
I hope the plane ride home goes well. Ours was super have hope.
Good Luck!!!

klpete12 said...

I saw Trysten and Dailah earlier tonight, they were busy keeping my parents on their toes. I hope you guys have a safe trip, and we all look forward to seeing all three of you soon!


Dumuro said...

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