Sunday, April 06, 2008

On Working

Yesterday when we left Addis Ababa at 5:15 it was pitch black. We could see the muslims of the city coming out of their homes for the morning call to prayer and that was only because they had the traditional white robes on that showed through the darkness. As we were driving we were able to see the sunrise (which is unlike any sunrise I've ever seen it's so beautiful) and much to my shock, there were people out everywhere. Though they weren't out for a Sunday stroll, they were already hard at work. Men, squatting over their gardens plowing, hoeing and planting. Women carrying sticks, children and water. Children doing laundry, carrying each other and playing. I thought about how different America might look had we all shared the work ethic of the Ethiopian people. There are Americans like that, don't get me wrong, but I think our motivation behind it is very different. In Ethiopia, it seems to be all about pride. Pride of their families, their homes, their crop, their country. In America, there is certainly pride but I think it tilts a different way for the majority which is altogether sad after comparing the two.
We were able to stop at a typical hut on our way home from Hossanna yesterday. It was a beautiful hut, startling to think of a family living in it. We were met with around 100 Ethiopians wanting to get pictures, to see us, etc. So Zach took a picture of me with some of them. I think they came to look at us because, speaking of me now, I am almost see through in this country. The sun shines so brightly, in all of our outside pictures I blend in with the scenery so it looks just like a wig and eyes. Kind of embarrasing but I can completely understand why they might want to see the see through woman, I am quite the sight to behold.
Anyway, this morning we will go pick up Tariku at 9am and we get to bring the kids back to the care center until after lunch. It will be a lot of fun having them all here to play together and I can't wait to get so much time with Tariku, as it will be the longest we've had yet. After that, we'll get to tour Addis and go to museums, etc. We will report back after that, probably with a lot of pictures!

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Grandma Connie said... the kids were in bed by 7:30ish...are you impessed? I check your blog about every so happy and excited for you guys and can't wait until Friday to see all 3 of you. Happy Trails (It's a Roy Rogers deal) until we meet again.

Love you Soooooo much...Momma/Grandma Connie

Cindy said...

Have Fun!!