Saturday, April 12, 2008

Holy S***

We have 3 kids!

2 of them are sleeping, the other is "quietly" reading books. Tariku fell asleep with covers over his head because his big brother kept trying to play with him. I love a kid who sees napping as a priority.

Last night when we got all 3 kids in their car seats I turned around and it hit me. When we were getting ready for bed, it hit Zach. About 10 times this morning it hit the both of us. Holy shizniz we have 3 kids. They all have done so well today (Trysten hit a bit of a wall after waking up too early this morning but that can be expected) it's amazing. It's been hard for me because I want to hang with Trysten and Dailah as I missed them so much these last two weeks but I want to hang with Tariku to continue getting to know him. It's weird having to remind myself to spread myself between them all the make sure they know I love them all.

With that said, I'm going to take my second cat nap of the day. My belly misses the Ethiopian food and my non-existant gall bladder hates the greasy American food. Tariku enjoys my mom's turkey, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole; so apparently he continues to not discriminate when it comes to food. As a side note, he ALWAYS smells food before he eats it. If it doesn't make the smell test he refuses to eat it. On the plane he went for a smell test with the ice cream and stuck his nose in it, hilarity ensued. Never seen anything like it but cracks me up every time to see him smack a piece of food to his nose and take a big whiff.

Zach is trying to beat me to sleep, I must not let him.


Brenda said...

Welcome home, Tariku! And Zach & Tesi, welcome to the world of being outnumbered by your children! :) Now it'll be interesting to see which kid will be the first to figure out that you're outnumbered... :)

Amy Rowell said...

Zach, Tesi, Tristin, Dailah, and the gracious Tariku CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for your family, I have truely enjoyed reading your journey from the time you left the QC until you returned home yesterday! What an unbelievable journey this past year has been. I am so proud of you and Zach to leave Iowa, travel around the world and bring home your son. That experience alone will one you will never experience again. God Bless you both and may your true journey be just beginning. GOD BLESS you all!

Mom2Bs said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful trip to Ethiopia! It is amazing to read about your trip. Brings tears to my eyes! We are currently waiting for our homestudy to be proof read. And than make a choice to get on the list at CHS for Ethiopia. We live on the other side of Iowa. North of Sioux City! Thanks Again and God Bless Your Family! Your children are gorgous!

cathy said...

I am SO excited you are home. I am SO happy you have 3 kids. You just get kinda numb from the "we have 3 kids" moments that flash through your brain. I still have them but they don't cause me to freak out as much. Tariku is a doll. So precious. I can't tell you how the memories came flooding back with Z when I read your last few posts. Blessings!!!!