Thursday, April 03, 2008

So it's 4:15am here in Addis. The Tyelenol PM worked great...for 4 hours. At 3:15 I was up and ready to go. I thought, surely it's close to 7, I'll get up and start getting ready. Checked the clock, not so much. So I had some awesome moments with God this morning, staring out over the city. I tell you, it's not a bad way to wake up. I've heard people complain of the stray dogs barking at night, but seeings I live out at camp, we're used to Coyotes, various bird and land species as well as the occasional steam engine. So we're good as far as that goes. :)
As I said, the plane rides really weren't bad. The last 2 landings were hard on this ole body and I had Zach fanning me while I was haunched over the complimentary upchuck bags. But other than that, it wasn't bad at all. The flight was surprisingly full so that was interesting. I've watched more movies in the last 24 hours than I have in a very long time.
We got here last night at about 10 PM. We were greeted by the fantastic CHS staff at the guest house. The guest house is beautiful! Zach and I have a double bed in our room with a little toddler bed that will house the magnificent Tariku in a few short days. We also have a bathroom attached, though I went to relieve myself yesterday and found the toilet was not quite nailed to the floor so well (room 204, for you CHS people). But other than that, it's perfect. We stayed up for about another hour catching up with the other residents of the guest house. 3 of us are here to pick up our 3-year-olds, 1 couple is picking up a baby, 1 other couple is picking up a 6 and 7-year-old. There's another family at the other guesthouse picking up a baby and another couple at a hotel picking up a baby. That's all I've met so far, but there might be more today.
So today breakfast will be served at 8am. We will be meeting at the CHS offices at 9am to go over the weeks schedule. At about 9:45, we will meet the one and only Tariku Asamo Xavier Klipsch. We are 8 hours ahead of you all in Middle America so think of us as you slumber around 2amish. :) I'm sure I won't be able to contain my excitement and you'll "hear" all about it next blog.
Well, I must be off, I don't want to wake anyone else with my incessant typing. Though secretly it wouldn't be so bad if someone else found themselves unable to fall back asleep on this exciting of all exciting days. I don't forsee me falling asleep, what with my belly telling me I missed dinner and my head telling me the moment I've been waiting for for over a year now is about to come to fruition.
So until then, let me say "thank you" to Leslie for keeping great care of the kiddos. And thanks for reading! I have my comments emailed to me so I can read them all. Thanks for checking in! Much love,


Carrie Herrera said...

AWWW!! Tesi, I'm so happy for you and your newly expanded family!! God Bless you a quick and safe journey home.

Cassie said...

well, i often find myself up at 2:00 am these days, so you'll be in my prayers for sure! SO SO SO SO excited for you! I can't stand the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mama Sweet Pea said...

Sooo excited to see that you had posted. I have butterflies in my stomach for you! It is so amazing to think you are finally there. Can't wait to hear about your little man. I will be thinking of you at 2am!!


Anonymous said...

We all miss you guys already. We are so excited for you, Tariku and your travels. We look forward to seeing you home soon. We are all excited to meet our newest grandson. Everything is going well here. Grandma Terre, Leslie, and I took the kids to feed the ducks. Trysten and Oliver and I went to the Jungle Bungle for dinner. God bless you all. We will say extra prayers of thanksgiving and for your safe travel home.

Love, Papa Frank

Farm-Raised said...

I'm hanging on your every word!!

The kids are great! We are truly having a fantastic time. I'm hoping you can check my blog as I am documenting every last detail. :) Love you guys tons and tons!


Mrs. Baker said...

Awe....we are thinking of you....we cant wait to hear more!!!!

amy smith said...

i feel kind of like i did when i heard the landers' boys sing the other day... sitting at my computer, unable to stop the tears. SO excited for you! and praying for all to go well with the "meeting"!

Anonymous said...

Tesi & Zach - I'm so thankful you arrived safely. I know you are excited about the next few days, meeting and getting to know your new son. God be with you and know that I am praying for all to go well as you bring him home to his new life with you.
Much love ! Aunt DD

TJRF said...

It's midnight here, and I suspect you are down in the basement eating some yummy breakfast. Ohhh the banana bread!!! I can't wait until later today so that I can read how your meeting went. Whether it's open arms or crying, just know that the journey of waiting is over, and your new journey as a family begins today. We wish you nothing but the best, and we have you and all the families in our prayers.


Cassie said...

tesi, it's 5:45 here. i woke up thinking thoughts of you and zach holding tariku and loving on him! what a great morning. looking forward to an update.
much love and many prayers...