Friday, April 18, 2008

BodySTEP and lovely.

Tomorrow is BodySTEP launch (anyone who is close enough to come, do it! Downtown Y at nooner, it'll change your life!)

Anyway, I've been practicing all day today and we also braved the Y this morning. We put Tariku (and other kids) in the child watch as a trial run to see if he'd make it so I can get back to teaching classes (I'm going through workout withdrawls). He was in there for about an hour and he did great! Came running to me when I got back, etc. So that's awesome. Things are going well.

And here are a few more pics to prove it. I love my life.


Mama Sweet Pea said...

Love that you are loving your life! Those kiddo's are just too cute! Good luck tomorrow with BodySTEP!

kait said...

not only a beautiful family, but BEENCK in the background!

Chatter said...

Great pics! Have fun working out tomorrow (you must be crazy)!