Wednesday, March 04, 2009

That Ain't Mud...

That's horse poo.

It's been a good few months since we were able to trek up to the horse barn and visit some of our favorite four-legged friends. Our friends have since grown facial hair (have you seen a horses coat in winter? Crazy weird) and were a bit ansty in the saddle, to say the least.

Temps were 55 degrees today so we decided a horse ride was in order. After 35 minutes of tacking, combing, slapping horse butts, etc it was time to mount. 5 minutes later it was time to unmount. The kids got restless and I was scared poopless with Trysten on my saddle sliding to and fro.

Confession, I'm a nervous rider. Always have been. Then put the horses nervousness and Trysten yelling and dogs barking and you have one mom with heartburn.

Perhaps in another month we'll all welcome the chance to be with each other again. Until then, I was able to snap a few good pics.

Dailah and hotflawedmama's cowboy boots. Hers have been worn almost every day. Mine, not for 3ish years.


Nicole Anderson said...

For fun! The idea of having horses would be so much fun! In reality though, I would freak out!

cathy said...

If Lily read this post she'd pack her bags and be on your doorstep in 20 min. flat. You guys are too fun!