Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I can hardly believe I'm 2 days late in posting this. Sunday morning we celebrated Tariku's birthday...again. It was also kind of an excuse to get everyone together one last time after Saturday night's celebrations. Tariku didn't mind we "used" him in this manner.

Alas, it was loads of fun even if I hardly remember it since I was so sleepy!

Sleepy...but with a boy this excited about a $10 lego Star Wars. Blessed, truly.

Can you feel his excitement?

Tradition in our family, the cookie cake. The cookie cake that I ate half of the next day. If I only had some sort of self control...

Brother-in-law, Jake and father-in-law, Frank playing the Wii. Hilarity all around.

Frank is surprisingly flexible for a 6'1" man. Here he proves his skills with Trysten and Oliver.

It was a fun morning but apparently not enough to deter Frank from "resting his eyes" a bit.

This was the food. There was a lot. You might look at this and think we had a lot leftover but we didn't. Apparently no one in either of our families has any self control.

Eli, my nephew, apparently thought my dad's lap looked too comfortable to resist. Nevermind they've met each other a handful of times. My dad just oozes good grandkid snuggles, I guess.

I really could celebrate Tariku's birthday every weekend!


Mrs. B said...

Awwww! T's bday already...it feels like yesterday that you were so sad to have to spend it away from him Crazy how fast time flies. Great pics!

Matthew and Amanda said...

Hey! When you get some self control send some my way okay!!

What about big cookies to celebrate other things, like um.. Tuesdays?