Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Over Thanksgiving my mom arranged for my side of the family to go to a family friend's (who also took my wedding pics) photo studio. Good times. I'm not even sure how many she took, somewhere around 1 billion I would imagine, but we did manage to find a few keepers.

My sweet, sweet babes.

This is more like it (ignore the small issue of Binyam's impending beheading).

My babes and my niece Adley.

My parents with all of their grandkids.

The whole crew.

And then us. Zangers I love these people.


ZRebeka said...

Great photos! You all look so good :)

rebekah said...


Also, zangers? I'm so behind on lingo - what happened to amazeballs?

Andrea said...

Love it! Great pics!!!

Matthew and Amanda said...

Great pics! Seriously cute kidlets.

terre said...

love to have a couple of those for our pic wall.....hmmmm??

LCMomX4 said...

I LOVE all the pictures! What a beautiful family! I would love to have one.

cathy said...

oh tesi... they're so beautiful.