Sunday, January 02, 2011

Welcome 2011!

We had such a great time bringing in the new year. I told the kids they could try staying up until midnight this year (I think I'm deranged in multiple ways). I planned many ways to keep them entertained throughout the night.

First, we had dinner, complete with sparkling grape juice for the kids.

We gave the kids showers and then settled in for the next chapter of Harry Potter (we've been reading the first book as a family).

After that was a quick game of Life. Interestingly enough, Tomas made the best decisions. Went to college, became a doctor, lived in a trailer until he had saved enough money to buy a house just big enough to fit his family. I was impressed!

And cream!

Daddy showed the kids his skills with the DS.

Tomas wore ridiculously small PJs, apparently I was the only one disturbed by this.

Bini posed his tiny little body.

Dailah started to get a little crazy, or as we like to call her "Delirious Dailah".

Movie (Ice Age) for kids, some time with Z$ for me.

At about 11, Dailah looked to be the only one who could still continue for hours unscathed. I negotiated a deal. They go to bed now and have a sleep over, or go to bed at midnight and sleep in their rooms. They chose sleepover.

An hour later, I was forcing my husband to take a festive picture with me. This marked the first time in 9 years 5 years that I stayed up until midnight.

Happy new year to all of my blog buddies! I wish you health, happiness and more joy than you can possibly imagine.


Anonymous said...

The picture of Tomas looks like he was ringing in 1986 while playing in the NBA.
Happy New Year.

hotflawedmama said... true

rebekah said...

Ah what fun. You have a built in party in that family of yours.

We are also reading the first Harry Potter out loud. Chapter 6.

Beth said...

I so love the table full of children. And of course, as I am listening to The Chamber of Secrets right now, love that you are all reading Harry Potter.

Anonymous said...

I am an occasional blog lurker and I just had to comment: those pics are hysterical. the small pjs one sent me over the edge. next year, me and my four little people are gonna go for it. (maybe, we will see. maybe we are two years away)

Anonymous said...

I like your husband's "Abat" tattoo! How creative and appropriate!

Lurking Ethiopian :)