Monday, March 22, 2010


Dossier is off! Feels so good to get that off the chest.

What we know so far about the situation in Ethiopia is that they don't really know for sure what's happening with the 2-trip rule. I know that adoption agencies in Ethiopia are hoping to get more clarification in the coming weeks.

Our agency did call us soon after news broke about possibly needing 2 trips. They told us if we could get our dossier in to Ethiopia before April 9th then we should be grandfathered in under the 1 trip rule. This, according to them, doesn't mean we need a court date by then, our file just needs to be in the system. Now, the thing is we are in the midst of an international adoption, nothing is certain. We're riding these waves with a little bit of grace, little bit of humility and a lot of Tyelenol PM (did I just write that?).

We should know within the next few weeks whether we made it under the wire or not and if it really mattered in the first place (perhaps they'll hold off on the new rule for a few more months).

Prayers and happy thoughts for that big stack of paper to fly on an angel's wings to Ethiopia.

Until then, check out this guy. His second front tooth is finally growing in! Unfortunately his two front teeth look to be as large as mine once were. But he's got the looks to pull it off just fine.


Cameron and Megan said...

Hoping it gets to ET very very soon!

Jess said...

wishing that stack of papers very speedy travels!

Amy Bottomly said...

Hey! Do you remember meeting me?? :) We met at the Landers house...

First of all, congrats on adopting again! :)
Second of all, will you email me? I have a question that I think you might help me with. :)

amyde63 at hotmail dot com


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Oh gosh, my daughter has the same thing going on with her front teeth. She lost one only when the new one started growing in and pushed the old out, sideways! Really! Still the baby tooth on the other front. Funny how there is no consistency to that!