Monday, March 29, 2010

Good Start

Cleaned out 2 of the 3 rooms I needed to.

All closets cleaned out. I purged a decent portion of my wardrobe and it feels so good. There is something to this whole "keeping things I only use" deal. The past year I've been extremely selective about what I bring into the home. I have to like it enough to use it every day or I just don't bring it to the house at all.

I "announced" to Zach that I'll never work again at a place that I need a suit or high heels so a lot of my dress clothes are going in the garage sale. Zach was excited about the paired down wardrobe, not so much at the notion that I'll never work full-time again. (Joking, he supports me either way).

Finished Tariku's post placement report.

Looked into health insurance but haven't pulled the trigger, can I check it off yet or not?

I also managed to add a few more bullet points. I like to keep myself on my toes. :)

All this to say the first day of spring break was a success and now it's time for bed.

But first, these, these are my TOMS (one of my TOMS). If you don't have these in your closet, you need to get them. Every time you buy a pair of these shoes they give a pair to a person in the developing world in need of shoes. Word on the street is they are developing a sandal and if that happens, I'll work on owning exclusively TOMS.


Chatter said...

I really want a pair of TOMS. Not sure what's holding back. Glad to hear you had such a productive day - I'm jealous!

Julie said...

Always wanted a pair of TOMS! Hope you weren't driving when you took that photo!!

Tarah said...

OK, I have wanted TOMS for a while too, but haven't gotten any. My dad has a thing about buying me shoes. I haven't bought any in so long, it would feel weird. Might do it now seeing how cute your feet are!

Cindy said...

Good day..woot!

cathy said...

You'll be as happy as I was when we saw thousands of TOMS at Disneyland. I swear, everyone was wearing them. I tried to count but lost track--a VERY good thing. And reading ANY post where someone is organizing or cleaning a closet gives me happy goosebumps, cuz' I'm a nerd like that.