Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Our friends and fellow travel partners are going through some pretty awful stuff. Go here to read about it. We were able to travel to Ethiopia with this awesome couple and were even able to meet little Silas. He is the reason (for those of you who know us) we play the game "ambusa". Ambusa means lion in amharic, the national language of Ethiopia, and we saw Silas and his daddy, Dave, playing it. Our kids love it, Silas loved it.

Just a fantastic little boy, a fantastic family. If you believe in praying, please pray for them. If it's karma go do something good on his behalf, etc. Just do it, because this little boy lights up this world.

And after that, go give your kids an extra kiss as they sleep because my goodness they are precious little people.

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stillarockstar said...

WOAH!!! Talk about SMALL world & six degrees of separation!!! ...Tiff is the best friend of a gal I worked with & who's blog I follow! I just learned of Silas last night in her post here:

I'm DEFiNiTELY in on the prayers! :)