Monday, September 28, 2009


I'm saving the big wedding reveal until I get some pics from my father-in-law, ahem. :) So Sunday in St. Louis found us at the arch. Full discretion, hotflawedmama is at least a tiny bit afraid of both heights and close quarters so imagine my excitement about the idea of going up 630 feet in a teeny tiny little space. Zach told me in no uncertain terms to suck it up for my kids so I obliged.

The kids loved it, I survived.

On the way to the arch.

On top of the world, baby.

Waiting in line for the arch.

In that teeny, tiny space I spoke of.

Dailah on the way up.

Tariku not nervous at all.

At the top.

I am full of good wording tonight! I hope you're as impressed as I am.


cathy said...

not only am i impressed, but you deserve a meadal, or a trophy, or a big chocolate dessert at the very least. i abhor teeny tiny spaces that involve elevators, so i confess you're a braver woman than i.

tkladynred said...

Great pics Tesi! The arch is always my favorite perch to see the world. Amazing. And that beautiful little boy with NO teeth~ ah the memories.