Friday, July 06, 2007

Moving and 4th of July

I realized I haven't posted this week much and it's really been quite a big week! To start, on Tuesday I got to leave the office early because Ms. Hillary Clinton and her husband (I like to call them Billary) were in town. She was speaking right outside my office so the Secret Service came through our offices with bomb sniffing dogs and whatnot. I was fine with it all until I looked at her "stage" and saw they had put some well placed hay bales on it. Now, I got upset because I work in downtown Davenport where we haven't seen hay bales in many, many years. Don't read me wrong, I am extremely proud of where I come from and no one grows corn and other yumminess like Iowa, but seriously...she is surrounded by commerce and high rises, who are we fooling.

Anywhoo, that night we got word that my brother-in-law was offered and accepted a job here in Davenport which BIL, SIL and nephews are moving back. Yippee! I have literally been praying for this for three years so this feels like a long time coming. So that is exciting! We also hit up a fun activity in our park here so Tman, mommy and Uncle Frank got our face painted, etc. We then watched fireworks with some friends. It was a late night but oh so worth it!

On the 4th, we went to breakfast with some friends down by the Mississippi. Zach and Trysten took off for camp and mom and Dailah took off for naps. :) After that, we went with some friends to go swimming at the camp pool. We were in the water for about 4 hours and it was loads of fun. Then we BBQd with an OLD grill that ended up turning our meat into carcinogen-filled yukiness. Though I must thank the men for trying. After that we played a few games and were off! Needless to say we were a bit tired this week!

In fact, Trysten fell asleep on the way home last night at about 6, didn't wake up until 5 this morning. He was pale and shaky and STARVING! After 2 pieces of PB toast, 2 bowls of cereal, 2 glasses of milk, 1 glass of hot chocolate and a leftover piece of pizza he felt much better. Oh what a life I lead!

This weekend will be great fun! My sister gets into town tonight so we'll pick her up and head to the lakehouse. Next week I am childless as my sister/mom/dad will be watching the kids for the whole week. Miraculously I have pretty much all my nights planned with some fun kidless activities and interestingly enough none of them include packing! 18 days until we move, perhaps I should rethink my, not so much.

We also got our first "hurts the crotch" bill (as my husband would say) from our adoption agency. Though it was a few hundred bucks cheaper than I thought, it was still a month's mortgage so it hurts. Owell, one step closer to bringing me kiddies home, right? Speaking of priorities....

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