Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Day 1, Check!

So I made it through a whole day without me kiddies. Who else is proud of me? Was a good day (we won't count normal workday since I'm usually not with them anyway). When I got home I did some packing, yes, I know, go me....Then we got some Casey's pizza with our friends Dan and Becky and decided to have a game night. Becky and I were dominating until the boys came from out of nowhere to beat us. Was horribly depressing, I think we need a rematch.

The kids had fun going to the new Science Center in Des Moines and Trysten so far only sounds excited to hear my voice for a brief second. He paused a couple times today so he could hear a funny part on Ice Age, I think they are surviving without me. Even Dailah, ever the mommy's girl, isn't screaming my name. Both saddened and happy about that fact.

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