Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Haiku it up

Semi-Feral Mama called me out in email to write a Haiku in her comments. It worked out nicely because I wanted the book she's promising one commenter for the better part of forever. It was just what I needed to submit a Haiku (or 7).

Here's your challenge. Go over there and write one yourself. If you're feeling particularly charitable in this year 2012 feel free to write underneath your Haiku (this is for hotflawedmama, feel free to send her the book instead of me). I really freakin' want that book. ;) Kidding (kind of). But at the very least if you win you need to tell me how it is. Even though I already know it's amazing.

So go! Haiku it
up! You will not regret it!
Victory is sweet.

*SF Mama I think that counts as my 4th entry, no? ;)
**I did not recheck that my Haiku were legit Haiku. No telling whether they can be legally counted as such.


semiferalmama said...

all border line Haiku will be counted.

los cazadores said...

I hope YOU win. :)