Monday, January 02, 2012


Perhaps one of my favorite Christmases ever this year. The kids were wonderful, hubs was amazing, it was just terrific.

Tariku with his new iPod.

Binyam with his snuggie. Kind of an inside joke...This kid is the coldest person we've ever met. His hands and feet are seconds from hypothermia at any given moment. He's actually even more irresistable in his snuggie.

The kids toasted Jesus with their sparkling grape juice.

And daddy made the birthday boy his pancake (which I ate...still not sure how I feel about that. ;))

Then celebrating at Zach's 'rents. This gift we gave to my nephew, Cash. Pinterest I love you.

My mom-in-law made this poncho for Dailah. fuggetaboutit

My mom-in-law got down on her (fake) knees and proposed (again) to my dad-in-law. They will be renewing their vows next week. Precious.

Papa Frank surprised my bigs with their own snowboards. They were seriously excited.

We were all seriously excited, as it turns out.


cathy said...

I'm placing my order RIGHT NOW for my very own poncho. I'd like dark green please.

S said...

Your family makes me smile. And I'd like to place an order for a poncho too. A mustard yellow one.