Sunday, March 20, 2011

my artiste

On Friday I got a note from Trysten's art teacher telling me that one of his pieces (yes, they are called "pieces" even when the artist is 8!) was chosen to be showcased at our local mall. I was excited to see what he had done, as he wasn't for sure which piece had been chosen.

Then in the car he said, "Oh yeah, I remember, I think it is my self-portrait!" Which made me even more excited.

Drum roll, please...

I know I'm partial but I thought it was amazing, especially for a second grader. I got a wee bit choked up when I read this.

And then clutched my chest to keep my heart from bursting forth with love goo when I saw this.

Love him, so proud of him.


terre said...

so proud indeed!! love this

Bridget said...


Beth said...

Very cool. And very talented!

PS Love Dailah's new do.