Sunday, March 20, 2011

birthday bonanza

I'm certainly to the point where if I never hear "Happy birthday" again, it'll be too soon. We finished all of the boys's celebrations this weekend with a family party at a local bounce house. Whew. No words. Just pictures. Ok, maybe words, definitely pictures.

Papa spoiled with one more dinner/presents for Tariku.

Dailah with her new hair cut (be still my heart).

Push up contest in the restaurant. You guys do this too, right? With mom (me) as the judge as to whether or not they are legit push ups. Mmmk.

The men at the bounce house.

Pizza after. Or for these two, chips.

The birthday boys.

The most amazing wall hanging my mother-in-law created for Tariku and Tomas.

And then Zach put the two littles on top of the car. Because why wouldn't he, really?

Done...until July. Oy.

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Jess said...

Seriously GORGEOUS family Tesi! Happy Happy to all those cuties:)