Monday, August 31, 2009

Soccer Game Post...or "What the heck did I get myself into?"

Zach and I believe in the YMCA's mission and values. It's why we both work for the Y and it's also the ONLY reason we would volunteer to coach all three kids' soccer teams. I only partially joke, we do enjoy it most of the time. Thankfully, Trysten's team had a guy step forward and beg to be the head coach so we happily obliged.

Anyway, Saturday was a morning of soccer. Both boys did really well. I have no qualms about saying they are both pretty good little players. What Trysten lacks in aggression, Tariku more than makes up for. It's amazing how different they are on the field, even at this young of an age. But here are some pictures to show you.

Dailah, on the other hand. Oy! In the Pre-K division of the Y's soccer the kids practice for 30 minutes then have a game for 30 minutes. I disagree with this wholeheartedly. Dailah and Eli were loving the first 30 minutes (as was the rest of the team). Limitless energy, pleas to play the other team, etc. Then after 30 minutes it all wore off. This is how they started...excited about the whole thing.

Even now, preparing for the game. Saying the YMCA pledge, getting encouragement from a special coach.

And then this, what we call "the shiteth has hitheth the faneth".

We have 2 weeks until our next game. I hope she bucks up by then. :) Good times, good times.


AnnMarie & Nick said...

Ha, LOL!

Cindy said...

She is too cute! I might be glad AYSO doesn't tart until 4..he he

cathy said...

ahhhh, the joys of organized sports. great photos!

Amber said...

that is too funny. I love the pictures they will make for great memories someday ;)

Matthew and Amanda said...

Ha! Yes, I agree it is definitely NOT a good idea to have 30 minutes of practice right before a 30 minute game. Clearly that idea was not designed by a mom!

Christina said...

tOO FUNny. you should do stand up! I'm SErIOUs.