Monday, August 10, 2009


On Friday we took a quick trip to Adventureland. A-land (as we hometowners call it) is an amusement park outside of Des Moines in the town I call my hometown, Altoona. Had you visited A-land just 12 short years ago I might've sold you your ticket, that's no joke. It was a good gig for the summers despite having to wear khaki's that were the very definition of mom shorts; bad at any age but tragic as a teen.

Alas, the kids couldn't care less if I wore khaki's that began at the nipple line, turns out they thought I was a rockstar for it. So the day started out on a good note. And kept getting better...

Started the day with Dailah's favorite donuts.

Merry-go-round first stop.

Sister, mom and Dailah on the train.

My boys. 2 minutes after Trysten stopped crying because he didn't get the back seat of the train.

The boys on their favorite ride.

Getting ready for the bumper cars...

Where Trysten found out he could drive for the first year.

Tariku "called" Uncle Marcus to ride with him. Dailah "called" Papa John who immediately regretted that decision, she cried the whole time after a head-on collision caused her to bump her lip.

She rode in style the whole time, legs up.

Made to feel better after another train ride.

Flying planes (are these the best captions you've ever read?)

He was on a mission to get the most toys EVER.

What Trysten was most looking forward to, for some reason, titled "The Infant Ocean"...for infants. My 6-year-old loves it.

FINALLY, by the grace of God she fell asleep. It was long overdue, we were trying to skip naps but it just wasn't working out. She still needs them, which I appreciate. But she looks awful cute sleeping.

We ended the night at Kokomo Kove. It was fantastic and these boys loved every...single...second. Look at those faces. Man, I am a lucky woman.

This momma was VERY happy the day was over. But VERY unhappy we still had 2 hours to drive. An awesome day overall but so very tiring.


Chatter said...

I actually like the captions. And the photo's. Daliah is such a princess (riding with her feet up). The girl cracks me up!


tkladynred said...

Your captions are almost as cute as your are!

ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, so sweet!! I love Tariku's new haircut. He looks so handsome.

LCMomX4 said...

It sounds like a wonderful time. The kids all look so happy.

cathy said...

you'll forget the long drive and remember the amazing smiles on your kids' faces. and they'll always say, "remember that great day at adventure land?" so worth it.