Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Recent Happenings

Dailah's new table.

The picnic we had to initiate said table.

Went to the lake last weekend for many reasons. One of them was to see my new nephew-dog, Bentley. Here shown with Ms. Dailah.

How much do you want to squeeze him right now?

Dailah's new favorite thing, the swing. Lindsey was kind enough to teach her the essence of an underdog.

A pause in boating for some routine nail maintenance from Grandma Connie.

This is all I could get of her in her cute dress. Who coined the term "terrible twos?" They were so wrong. It would be "terrible threes" if you ask me. Or even better "goes from love to hate in T-minus 60 seconds." She is saved only because her good moments outweigh her bad.

Saturday and Sunday marked days in which I was able to attend bridal showers for two of my very close friends. The four of us have been friends since early elementary school, spending the better part of our lives in athletics together. As you know, I am the queen of nicknames. Thus, we have Tower (for obvious reasons, she's always been at least one head taller than me), hotflawedmama, Woody (her last name is Wood) and Scary man Amber, or Hill (first is too long to explain, second because her last name was Hill). Tower is getting married in a few weeks and Woody is getting married early October. She has been kind enough to ask me to stand up with her. Awesome time catching up with them.

Had to take a second photo because I thought the first made Tower look even taller than she is. So here's the second shot, to be fair Woody is on her tip toes.

Relax time; books and blankets.

Watching a cartoon this morning, Trysten playing with Dailah's hair.

I finally decided putting all of my hopes and dreams on Tariku for his hair was ridiculous. After asking me for the 43rd time in 2 days if he could cut his hair I obliged. This was before.

Look how beautiful!

And after. Those eyes, I could just melt.

Zach always adds a little bit of imagination to his work.


tkladynred said...

ohmygosh! Tariku is more beautiful every day. Is that allowed? To become more beautiful every day?

AnnMarie & Nick said...

Sweet shelfs on the haircut and those eyes sure are something!

Matthew and Amanda said...

Please tell me Zach remembers the lighting bolts that people used to shave in their hair. Can I request a come back??


T said...
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Christina said...

I wondered who was so artistic!!!