Saturday, July 19, 2008

What Did We Do Today?

WE CUT MY DAUGHTER'S HAIR FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!! Yikes! It all started because I wanted a hair clipping of her baby hair before it became like her mommy's; all thick and course and not cute. So we thought we'd just even it out. Went to JCPenney's. And it looks so stinkin cute. She looks so old! She was so funny, since it was past her naptime we thought she'd show her attitudema but she just sat on her chair like she's done it 20 times. She was so proud of herself and her little throne. I'm fairly certain if we would've asked them to do a quick manicure at the same time she would've appreciated it. Here she is. Tell me this isn't the cutest face you've seen.

Dailah in her pre-cut timeout. This is not looking promising...

First time in the chair..."I think I could get used to this."

Hair ready for stages. "Daddy, why are you and mom so giddy? I'm used to this kind of treatment."

Almost done. "Daddy, am I still your princess?"

Complete perfection. "All done!" (That's Doozie's new favorite phrase.)

And I never did shed an actual tear, just got dangerously close a few times.


tkladynred said...

She is SO beautiful my heart hurts when I look upon her face. She looks 30 years old!!! sooo grown up......such a duchess....

becker25 said...

Looks like you have a future model on your hands! Those eyes are amazing!

rebekah said...

What a huge day. She looks a bit grown up ish now!

She is so just ridiculously adorable.