Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The New Camera and Other Ramblings

My new camera came in. Well actually it's my second new camera, broke the first one in a few days so the replacement came today. Get excited for some sweet pictures.

I'm back to teaching after 4 weeks off and it hurt so good tonight. I have a headache from all the lactic acid...and pizza rolls... that have accumulated over those weeks.

We had a really great time at the lake this weekend. Lots of pictures to come but suffice it to say it was relaxing and beautiful and perfect and you really can't ask for more. I had to dump Tariku off the tube for him to get over his fear of fish biting him but it worked and we were all a whole lot happier after he stopped crying at the thought of getting wet. :)

He gets his cast off tomorrow only to have to put on a new, shorter one. Owell, it's progress. They're hopeful he'll just be in the short (a bit below his wrist) cast for 2 weeks. The kid sweats like what's her face on Flashdance so I'm sure there will be a bit of mold and/or mildew under that bright orange cast of his. Owell, what can they expect from a 3-year-old who NEVER stops running or moving or talking?

We're getting along well here. Trysten told a whopper of a lie today so Zach and I were considering punishments. Zach thought perhaps he should take a day off of camp because one of his best friends since 2 is here this week. I considered the thought of all 3 of them with me, at the doctor's office, while Tariku gets a saw to his arm and thought that it was more a punishment for me than for Trysten. Afterall, Trysten gets to see Tariku writhe in preterm fear, what more could an uuber competitive brother want? So I think I was convincing enough and we might've settled on earlier bed times. Plus, he had to miss Wipeout tonight and I think that's punishment enough. What a great show.

I think that's all I know right now. Still no real internet out here. Nothing like various networks of people to drag their feet to make my exile from blogland take even longer. If only I could rule the world...

On that note, I just heard and saw a beetle kamakaze into Zach's office wall, better get out of here before I catch the West Nile. Peace.

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