Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Does Anyone Else...

Just have days/moments where you lose all respect for yourself? I was not cool with the kids yesterday. I think I apologized to them EACH at least twice for overreacting. I have no idea what it is. I'm blaming headaches for 4 days (which are now better with my chiropractor's help!) but seriously, there is no excuse.

Tell me I'm not the only. Not the only one who put my son in timeout for peeing on the toilet seat after I'd told him 3 times today to LIFT the seat up. OR that I yelled a WEE bit too much over a child who met ranch dressing just a few short months ago and tonight scooped a spoonful and ate it without anything else (that's just gross). Tell me it's not just me...lie if you have to but just...say...it.

(And yes, I MUST have some sort of OCD about pee and the toilet seat 'cuz I know it's a common theme here at hotflawedmama)

A few pictures to force me to strap on a pair and be a better mommy to these angels.


rebekah said...

Yeah, sometimes I don't even want to hear what comes out of my own mouth - supported by my family as Quinn will plug his ears when I say anything.

(and I have two, not three, and I am the one who goes to work, not stays home and deals with the all day stuff)

Josh, Amy, Olivia, Josiah said...

It's something in the collective water this week. (stop by my blog....or just reread your own last entry....it's basically the same). Let's all switch to bottled and start tomorrow new.

Cindy said...

Oh no..you are not alone!!
Tristan has done the same thing with ranch dressing, although he didn't have the manners to even use a spoon...he just scooped it up with his fingers..blah

Matthew and Amanda said...

I hear ya cluckin'! I too have been wondering where all my patience ran off to? Thank God for grace!


PS - I'm not lying, you are NOT the only one.

Cassie said...


Kasey said...

hey TESI!!! I read your blog - isn't that awesome!! i have no children - so i cannot tell you that you are being a wonderful mom - but i can tell you that a spoonful of ranch dressing is gross. you're right.

Sarah said...

definitely not the only one! Join the club, and be thankful that our kids are so loving and resilient. :) And thank God for another day to do things better! You look great in that last pic!