Monday, June 23, 2008

We're Doing Well

So we're doing well over here. Tariku is getting used to the extra 10lbs hanging off his arm, so much so that he gets dangerously close to submerging it in the bath every night. The first few days he was so aware of it he held it up everywhere, now he flails it about like it's been there for years. Kids...they truly are resilient little boogers.

Trysten is enjoying camp and was even more excited because the Landers boys were going to be at camp this week. Good stuff all around.

Book club tonight, more pictures to come hopefully after that!

Thanks for all the words of encouragement!


Andrea said...

So glad he's adjusting to it. Bless his little heart. Give him kisses.

Matthew and Amanda said...

Seriously?!?! So sorry for all you guys! Tariku is so brave. I showed Teshe the photos of Tariku and told him Tariku had a big "ouchie". Teshe kissed the picture of his arm on the computer. If you are still coming this weekend, I'm sure Teshe will do it in person!!


Tiffany said...

Glad to hear that he's doing well with the cast! I had to giggle a little reading about the incident as we were in Urgent Care with Silas last week for a couch jumping injury as well. Thought we had a broken foot on our hands, but turned out just to be a bad sprain. Has a bit of a hitch in his giddyup still, but getting better. Hope to see you guys at the picnic!?