Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sex and the City

Saw it last night...loved it.

I love friends. My mom has told me since I can remember to not lose my friends once I get married and have kids. I think it's so easy for us to do that. I love coming home, eating dinner as a family. Giving the kids a bath together and then sitting down with our glass of wine to watch, "So you think you can dance." That's the life.

But as I looked at my 3 friends who came with me (to the late show no less!) I was so very thankful I have tried so hard to do what my mom said in that case. Because sometimes the only people who know what I'm going through or will laugh with me when I want to cry, are my girlfriends.

What a huge...huge...blessing.


Mary said...

I went with a group of girl friends and saw it on fri night. It was such a blast to just get away with them. I'm sure yours was too.
It was great

amy smith said...

okay. you officially suck. the LATE show?! i could have gone to the LATE show... just not the 7 show. yep. you suck.