Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Sometimes I'm snappy. Yesterday someone said, "I can't believe you are a mom to two kids". "Actually I'm a mom to three" I retorted rather nastily. My friend, Jody, and I were talking today about adoption. It's all consuming for us, why isn't everyone else in the world thinking about that? Why would someone call me a mom to two when I'm so obviously a mom to three?

I must say having Jody in my life has made this adoption SOO much easier to handle. It is nice having a friend to talk to about it all, share resources and laugh while our kids go running around her house. I've found adoption, like all things in life, is a bit easier to float through and smile through when you're sharing it with people you enjoy chatting with.

Biggest Loser finale tonight. Better go get myself prepared.

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