Monday, December 10, 2007

Cookie Dough Kind of Day

I'm eating cookie dough straight from the tube, it's a "Big Batch" so I'm feeling confident I won't dominate the entire thing tonight.

I wrote our Ethiopian Coordinator to ask if she thought it'd be 12-16 weeks until travel from the time we accepted the referral (almost 1 whole month ago) or from when our homestudy was finally turned in (like, 1 day ago) and she said it wouldn't be until our dossier was translated and sent to ET. I'm fairly certain this was her way of breaking it to us that we might want to sit tight. So...I'm eating cookie dough. Straight from the tube.

We went to get our groceries tonight, Zach took the kids in one cart and I went shopping in the other. Turns out it is kind of fun when the kids aren't pulling at every aisle, wanting down to walk, etc. Anyhow, got to linger in a few aisles and I have no idea why I did it, but I went to the kids clothing. There was a size chart, according to that Tariku is a size 3T. So what did I do? Yup, looked at every one and pictured his beautiful brown eyes peeking out. There was the Diego hat and mittens that his smile lit up. There was a soccer outfit that was fitting for the boy who can't get enough of the game. It's all here. Everything is waiting for him and he has no idea.

I've been reading my friend's blog (check "Ehrman" on the side) because she's in ET right now picking up a girl who is Tariku's age and is from his same village. I drink up every word she says about the care center and the little boys she sees.

I need to change the way these blogs are taking shape. You'd never know my life is basically perfect and I can't get enough of it all. It's just a truly interesting crossroads in my life right now. Looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. :)


bcloyd said...

Hang in there, Tesi. We just sent in our dossier. Waiting on the home study :) Enjoy reading your blog. I've added it to my Google Reader account which is a pretty cool way to read lots of blogs and see who's updated stuff. Hey to Zach. Stay warm. Tree limbs are falling in Iowa City tonight.

Mama Sweet Pea said...

I'll join you in that cookie dough! Wanna come up and we can atleast share a tube (1/2 those calories??) Hugs and hopes the wait is better than you think it will be!