Monday, September 24, 2007

Fast Life, Hard Living

So this weekend, Friday 11-8, Saturday 8-5 and Sunday 7-3, I was at a Les Mills training (a fitness thing, go to to check it out) this weekend. It was INTENSE to say the least but extremely rewarding. I've always been one to find HUGE value in women getting together for GOOD and accomplishing things they didn't even think was possible. This weekend there were 15 girls (and one boy, thanks Brian) that came together and it was seriously awesome. We all had quite a bit in common: a true belief in the values of fitness, the passion to change lives with what we know about fitness and the desire to take our fitness backgrounds to the next level. I can say without a doubt we mastered it all! What was so amazing to me was watching our bodies continue moving even when our heads said it was impossible. I've always been one to appreciate the human form (thank you, God for creating such masterpieces as Brad Pitt circa Fight Club, etc, etc) but it really was amazing. I kept praying all weekend and just giving thanks to God for giving me a body that could move let alone accomplish such crazy stuff!

On another note, our last homestudy was supposed to be tomorrow but I called our SW (again, she didn't call me, I had to call her) and she's had the flu all weekend, doesn't know if she'll be over it by tomorrow. So it's next Tuesday. NOT MY TIMING, NOT MY TIMING, that is my mantra.

My eldest son had a soccer game on Saturday when I was away. The kid scored 5 goals! If you noticed from previous posts, he was the one to be playing with his hair and pulling grass in previous seasons, so it was so exciting hearing how excited he was when I talked to him Saturday night.

My dearest daughter has begun to take a few steps here and there. I'll be the first to admit I never saw this coming. :) I thought we still had a few months (and we still might) so it's just crazy. I look at her and I still feel like she's too young to be doing it! So as congratulations, Zach and I (and Tman) bought her some Ugh boots and ballernia shoes tonight. Not exactly on my Target list, but a necessity nonetheless. :)

That's all for now, must get to my guilty pleasure of the night, but will remain mum on what exactly that is!


jody said...

ugh. frusterating about the homestudy, I know how urgent you can start to feel about things. you are handling it beautifully must be the extreme excercise. :-)

Mama Sweet Pea said...

God must have something really great in store for you...just not on your time-line!! My fingers are crossed for a quick 2nd homestudy!

I wish I could channel a little of that extreme excercise right to my glutsm :)

Tarah said...

I hope you get your homestudy done and behind you soon!
Don't you love when they start walking.... You learn they have a stronger will than you thought! :)