Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Great Day

For the record, to those few of you demanding pictures, some nicer than others, I've been trying for a few days, it's just hard on this new computer of mine!

Anyway, the last couple days have been really great. First of all, today my youngest daughter took her first steps! It was very exciting and made even more fun because she laughed hysterically at herself each time. Looking forward to the next few weeks to see if she finally gets the hang of it.

I was also able to meet another mom adopting from Africa and I can't tell you how much that relationship will bless me in the months and years to come. Her family also goes to our church so it will be really nice having our children together as well.

Tonight the kiddos and myself took off to see the African Children's Choir. It was so amazing and worth it. Can't believe how talented those kids are! What beautiful faces and voices!

I just had to follow up the last email by saying I really couldn't be more blessed. I look at my life and am completely humbled by everything I've been given. My pride is kept in check when I realize there are no real differences between myself and the other moms struggling around the world. I hope to bless their lives in any way I can. I don't know what role I can do yet, but I pray it's something for someone out there.

Off to itch my ridiculous amounts of mosquito bites. I guess that's what I get for holding a Boot Camp out at Camp. When will it get chilly enough to kill those little devils?

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Mama Sweet Pea said...

Yeah! First steps are so awesome and the best part it you were home to see them! I am jealous that you saw the African Children's Choir...I have heard they are amazing.

We truly are even be called to take this amazing journey!