Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Reason

for the lack of pictures is because the camera is getting fixed. Nothing big, warranty will cover it, but it was a sad day handing it over nonetheless. (Note: The camera I use is actually property of Camp's so it disappears during camp season to its rightful owner).

I know you guys are just here for the pictures so here's one before Dailah got her stitches out.

We have our old camera as well but it is dying a slow, painful death. I have money saved for a new one since my old new one broke (my parents and sister were generous people) so will be looking into a new camera.

Any recommendations? I know you bloggers love cameras, if you love yours or have heard of good ones, leave a comment or shoot me an email. Always open to suggestions! Oh, but it must be digital and must not take a large learning curve, it also must take pictures of my "good angle" only, whatever that is).


Mama 2 three said...

This is the best camera!!!! Four years ago we bought this camera (the old version), and we liked it so much that we just upgraded to the new version!
Here it is...

Nicole Anderson said...

We have a fuji finepix, we also had one, loved it, and then bought the upgrade.

Amy said...

i love my Canon SX10.

It is NOT a digital SLR, but it has the capabilities of doing all that stuff without removable lenses. Or you can use it on automatic as a point & shoot. The newest SX1 (not SX10) model can record video in HD, so it serves as a video camera as well. It's about $150-$200 more than the SX10.