Sunday, May 03, 2009

For Cathy

Cathy, since you asked and the new Harry Potter movie will be out in less than 100 days I thought I'd do this post for you.

You remember this post about ants, right?

It got worse. Much worse.

Opened the oven door today to cook an extravagant dinner (or a Tombstone pizza, you decide which is true) and found this. It was like a family of ants. Not just any family, it was like the Kennedys or something. They were flippin everywhere. I would have dry heaved but I'm kind of tough. Anyway, Cathy had wanted pictures from my last ant post so I thought I'd do this.

That ant guy is full of crap.

Dailah was equally impressed with the sheer number of ants.

Zach might have been the most precious person ever. He decided to trap them in a ball-o-ants in a wad of paper towels. Then left said paper towel on the counter (time for them to tell their American royalty family) and then took the ball-o-ants to the fire pit. And burned it. I could hear the ants scream and I giggled. And I'm not even a mean person.


rebekah said...

We have ants too. We have the larger black ones in Matthew's room (some with wings!) and the tiny brown ones downstairs.

We find the tiny brown ones by locating little piles of crumbs around the places where the cracks in the wood floor where the planks meet. They try to pull the crumbs down between the floorboards. Very nice, huh?

We sweep and sweep and vacuum and spray but they still come back. Yesterday, I found the tiny brown ones upstairs in the bathroom. Three ants, which I promptly introduced to the toilet water. A few minutes later, 3 MORE, also met the toilet. Later, 3 more! What the????

Now I'm going to check the oven.

Tarah said...

NO WAY!!!!
Ants in the oven?? Oh My Goodness!!!! So sorry.

Cindy said...

Wicked funny post though.te he

Rosie said...

the best thing to do is sweep them into a bowl of boiling water

tkladynred said...

I know this sounds crazy but a looooong time ago, somebody told me that cats keep ants away. No, this is NOT a ploy to get everyone a cat, but we've always had cats and I don't remember having least not for very you choose----ants (blech) or cats (yummm!)

emaye said...

wow! My sympathies! I thought for a minute you were going to say that you actually burned the paper towel in the oven.

Chatter said...

When we lived in the farm house we had them ALL the time. They were everywhere. And now at the new house they are by the patio and bedroom windows (and twice in Conner's bed). It used to bother me, now I don't bat an eye. It is what it is I guess...

Good luck!

sandy said...

Do these ants have wings? When we lived on the farm we had ants with wings and they were called termites. EEEEE.