Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Princess and Her Papa

Papa Frank (my father-in-law) took Dailah to her first Princess ball tonight. She has literally been so excited since he asked if she'd go with him. Let me first start by saying I know full well how lucky she is to have grandparents that love her so much and who dote on her like no one else. Papa Frank is spectacular and so it came as no surprise that he wanted to take on our little 2 1/2-year-old Princess. On top of that, my mother-in-law, Terre, whipped this AMAZING dress out in no time at all. Can you even believe her talent?

So after our BodyFlow launch (we had 78 people, it was amazing!) I raced over to Frank and Terre's to get my princess, well, princessfied. It was so much fun, it gave me chills to think about all the times we'll be doing this together. Proms, dances, gulp, weddings. Either way, it was so much fun tonight. To be a mom of a girl. To be a mom of THIS girl.

And for the pictures, in no particular order because the Oscars are on.

Hotflawedmama preparing my precious.

Doozie coming down the stairs to show everyone.

And with her date.

Of course one with her daddy (oh the eyes!)

Instead of a corsage her Papa got her bling, which is much preferred I'm sure.

The boys kept telling her how beautiful she was, it was just priceless. I happen to think they're all pretty beautiful.


Nicole Anderson said...

How fun is that!!!! What a great Papa, and your little darling is GORGEOUS!! Seriously, could she be cuter...nope!

Cindy said...

Oh...she is just beautiful!!! What sweet, sweet brothers too!!

Amy Marie said...

How sweet! Her eyelashes are unbelievable and her dress is darling. Impressive Aunt Terre!!

emaye said...

Beautiful! I loved the bling idea! Great job princessifying her...

Andrea said...

Wow momma! You are going to be fighting off those boys!!! Those eyes...indeed! ;o)