Friday, August 03, 2007

Homework, Check; Last day, Check!

So exciting stuff in life. This morning I woke up knowing it would be my last day (for awhile, at least) putting on a suit and high heels. It would be my last day throwing breakfast at the kids while running out of the door. It would, in fact, be my last day at Estes. Ahh, this is what it feels like to breath. So pleased am I!

Perhaps better than that? WE FINISHED OUR ADOPTION HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited about this. Just dropped it in the mail, actually. It should arrive at the CHSFS offices tomorrow. Either Monday or Tuesday we should be hearing from our Social Worker out of Cedar Rapids. We will set up our first homestudy appointment that will take place in the CR offices. Since we are both fairly flexible with our schedules, that should be fairly soon! After that is complete, we book our 2nd (and hopefully, final) homestudy appointment. I'm hoping to get homestudies done by the 3rd week in August. This would mean it is feasible to get our dossier paperwork in by September. Go baby go!

It might be a couple days before my next post, camp isn't hooked up with what one might call "quick internet" yet so I will have to be heading to coffee shops with wireless with the kids in tow. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Emily said...

Doesn't it feel awesome to get things checked off your adoption checklist!? :)