Sunday, August 14, 2011

Unpack your backpack

Last Thursday night the 4 kiddos heading to Elementary school had their "Unpack your backpack" night. They get to meet their teachers, see some of their friends and....unpack their backpack.

First Dailah. The kindergartner. Someone hold me.

Tariku. 1st grader. Gulp.

A book in Tariku's class. I love this school. Love, love, love.

Tomas the 2nd grader. More excited than any human ever. About anything. Ever.

Trysten leading the pack in 3rd grade. Nervous, excited. Lawdy.

The younger 3 all got teachers that we've had before, which we were so thankful for. They are proven to be amazing, hard working, loving people. Trysten's we know nothing about but we know he, of any of them, needs the least amount of "great teaching", though he still deserves it obviously.

Almost time!


Captain Murdock said...

Ummm, Tomas looks about 15 in this picture. Sad, sad, happy day :) I hope they have a great year!

Mark and Sarah said...

Gulp is right! Four in school ALREADY!?!? Crazy talk. No, they could not be any cuter--you didn't even have to ask.