Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gone Campin'

This past Saturday we did a little camping. Granted, it was basically in our backyard but camping we did. So I packed my socks and shoes and off we went.

Mac and cheese and lots o chips for lunch.

While the kids went on a hike to find some lost treasures, I got to look at this and think dirty thoughts thank my lucky stars.

Always with the wrestling. Love Dailah's face as she approaches the top of the pile.

Practicing with my new lens.

Everyone was excited about fishing. So Zach worked his patootie off getting everyone's poles ready.

Just a girl and the outdoors.

Until baby brother remembered he can't be without her. If you don't think this screams "America" then something is seriously wrong with you.

Tomas's butt devoured his shorts.

Trysten still felt less than great but didn't want to miss the fishing. This is where dreams and reality meet. (That'd be him laying in the dirt, fishing.)

Tomas and Tariku decided to make their own poles with a stick and some line. Tariku's was tiny, about the size of Harry Potter's wand, for instance. Tomas's was huge, about the size of the tree from which all wands are made.

Love the way they look at their daddy.

This one fished for approximately 2 minutes and then decided to peace out and hang with Abe.

Zach earned his man card 100 times over. Dang that man is the best.

I did not earn any card whatsoever unless they give cards to people who take naps during family camping trips and don't wear bras when they make their kids s'mores.

Night sleeping went pretty well actually, despite the chorus of coyotes versus dogs and Cicadas screeching their lullabies. Kids got enough sleep, which is way more important than the fact that Zach and I didn't. We are hoping that changes the more we get used to sleeping outdoors with the obvious risk of murder.

Morning brought scrambled eggs by daddy and more fishing/playing.

Overall, a really great time. I look forward to next month when we're gone for longer!


ChiTown Girl said...

Looks like tons-o-fun! You two rock! Oh, the memories you're creating for your little ones. They are all so lucky. :)

il panettiere... said...

You lived to tell the tale! I am so proud of you!!

cathy said...

you earned some lady cards, for sure. and i love that your kids take up an entire picnic table. that is seriously cool.

los cazadores said...

It looks suppppper duuuuper fun. We have yet to go camping with a kid, soon hopefully.