Sunday, July 31, 2011


This weekend one of Zach's oldest buddies came over with his daughter. Before he left he called Zach and asked him if he should bring his clippers. Since Tomas didn't comb his hair all week while at camp, Zach thought it'd be a good idea.

So Cory brought his clippers and set up a barbershop on our front porch. Tomas before.

Tomas during

And Tomas after. He looks so old so brace yourselves.

While the boys were cutting hair I took the kiddos, and Cory's ridiculously beautiful daughter, swimming. She is seriously beautiful.

That inspired Zach to cut Binyam's hair as well. wasn't so much Zach that noticed, it was just that when Binyam walked out of his room this morning he looked like this:

 You question me?

So yeah it was time. Zach set the barbershop mood with some music.

Put on his favorite shirt of mine and got to work.

I was amazed at the difference in Binyam's hair (left) and Tomas's (right).

And after. Settle down, ladies.

Tariku said, in no uncertain terms, "hail no you aren't cutting my hair". Trysten said "I'm not cutting mine until I'm in 4th grade" (he's just going into 3rd). And Dailah begged Zach to cut hers. We stuck with these two first.

Love them.


ChiTown Girl said...

Love the hair cuts! I'm a sucker for a boy with a buzz cut. :)

jayme said...

So handsome!!!

Chatter said...

Sooooo handsome!! And I can't get over how loose Binyam's curls are compared to Tomas'. Crazy!

cathy said...

#1: Um, hi Zach's friend!!!
#2: Tomas looks younger to me after the haircut.
#3: Binyam after = so adorable I can't stand it.

fiddlehead said...

I always resist the haircut....each time it ages them and hurts my heart. But, alas, they look great! Your boys couldn't get any cuter!

terre said...

HILARIOUS!!! love it---church lady doesn't look too bad either!!!

Bridget said...

Yup, cuteness all over the place. I must second Cathy's #1, however. Um. Hellooo!!!