Thursday, December 03, 2009

Zach's Toy

His newest plaything-these jumping stilts (can't remember their actual name). What you guys don't understand is that Zach is a really amazingly, gifted professional. I used to be in marketing and all of my skills don't hold a candle to this guy.

He bought these so that he could walk around at job fairs, and the clincher? He's having his mom sew him an Abe Lincoln costume to fit (He works at Camp Abe Lincoln). Seriously, it will be a huge Abe Lincoln jumping around. If you were a potential camp counselor or the parent of a potential camper, wouldn't you want to go to camp where that guy is the Director? Me too.

He's kind of amazing. And he's all mine.

The full view.

Point of perspective, this is Zach's friend Devon "Sharky". I think he's something like 6'5" or so. Zach makes Sharky look like a cute little toddler. So bizzare. Needless to say, I come up to about Zach's naughty bits, much to his pleasure and my chagrin, I imagine.


Chatter said...

Naughty bits??? Seriously laughing out loud as I type this. You crack me up!!

-jd said...

Can he do flips yet?

Andrea said...

LOL! Had to laugh out loud at the 'naughty bits' as well. So fun! I would send my camper there.

TJRF said...

Video! Video! Video!