Saturday, December 26, 2009

800th Post

I think it's fitting that this is my 800th post.

During family prayers tonight I was almost consumed with God's abundant blessings. This time of year always brings out the sappy in me, even more so than usual because I know where I'd be without the birth of sweet, 8lb 6oz baby Jesus and I know I wouldn't like it.

-Our church (Calvary Church in Muscatine) took a special offering Christmas Eve at their 3 services. The offering was for Water For Christmas. The total is now in. Almost $70,000. In one night. These are the people I worship with every Sunday and a few I can call friends. These are the people who inspire me and challenge me. These are the people that the rest of our nation typically forgets. A really small town in Iowa. Building 14 wells in one night. God's blessings are numerous indeed.

-I spent time with a good friend this past week. She's in a marriage I wouldn't wish on anyone. When I climbed into bed that night and snuggled up to my own personal furnace I just soaked in Zach's goodness. I cannot believe how lucky I am to call him mine. The man I'm watching play Nerf Wii right now happens to be the very best person I know.

-Because of some amazing people, our adoption will continue. Last night when I was praying I couldn't help but be humbled by the task of parenting other children. This whole mom thing suits me well, I think. When we were playing a family game of Trouble I realized that motherhood is where my passion and God's kindness meet. His blessings on our house our plentiful.

There are more, of course. I mean it when I say I see God in the everyday. From the blanket of snow we've had the last couple of days to a healthy family. But there are just times like tonight when His grace and mercy feel brand new.


stillarockstar said...

:) YOU are a BLESSiNG to this world!

Cindy said...

: )
I am SO happy that you will be able to carry on. Your church sounds simply amazing!

cathy said...

you are always writing about such truth. thank you! (and we go to a Calvary church, too)

TJRF said...

Wow! Seeing your church first hand, I knew that you had a very special place there. What an amazing show of support. Congrats, and God bless!

Tarah said...

You are so blessed Tessi!