Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Miss Dailah

This post always seems so surreal. It does with all of them, mothers will tell you birthdays make us particularly nostalgic. But it's different with Dailah, Doozie, the dutchess, the bearcat. This was my post from last year that explains her intense first moments of life. Here are the pictures that I couldn't upload them.

Daddy and Dailah after some tubes were removed.

He was a great big brother from the start.

The first time I got to hold her, almost 2 days after she was born. I was so overwhelmed I cried the whole time. On a lighter note, those cheeks are just 1 reason I shouldn't be able to house babies in this body.

Our first look at her.

Today we started celebrating with Casey's donuts, per her request.

Then went to church, where she picked her outfit out herself.

Then normal every day happenings, nap, etc. I gave in to her request for pool time towards the end of the day.

The boys passed their swim test for the first time and were able to go down the slide. They LOVED it, obviously.

In the end, she is my heart. Going through a stage where at least once a day she just needs a good cry but we're getting through it with a little bit of grace. She still makes us laugh more than any 3-year-old should. (Case in point: yesterday in the bath she says, "Mom, girls have penises and girls have vaginas." "Yes, Dailah that's right." Tariku stands up to get washed up and Dailah says, "Sit down you silly penis.")

3 years ago she entered this world like gail force winds and she's still entering rooms that way. She commands attention either directly or indirectly and we seriously love her for it. Indescribable this one but I'm so thankful she's ours. Happy birthday baby girl! Stay this precious forever!


Beth said...

What a beautiful baby and now beautiful little girl. What a precious gift. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures.

Amy Marie said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl. Love these recent pictures of her. She looks so pretty!!!

Chatter said...

The girl cracks me up! Happy Birthday D!!

stillarockstar said...

God is GREAT! I read the 2 year post as well & am SOOO happy for you all that everything turned out well! She really is a beauty & that bathtub story really did make me LOL! :P

ChiTown Girl said...

Happy Birthday, Princess Doozy!

Cindy said...

That is hilarious! Have a happy birthday beautiful girl!

cathy said...

God's got big plans for that girl. Big plans!!!!

Andrea said...

awww, Happy Birthday beautiful girl!! Momma you are in for some fun!! ;o)